Nature's Cotton Candy

When I first learned about Alstrom Point, located in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area of southern Utah, I knew I had to add it to my photo trek “must-visit” list. Alstrom Point, with an elevation of 4,685 feet, is highly regarded for its spectacular view of Lake Powell. In the spring of 2018, I experienced this remarkable vista firsthand as I stood near the edge, waiting for the sun to set and the full moon to rise.

The majestic view evoked a sense of awe and timelessness. In my mind’s eye, I saw herds of long-neck sauropods that, according to the fossil record, roamed the area from the Early Jurassic to the Late Cretaceous Periods.

Fast forward two hundred million years. While the moonrise was the main course, the delicate sunset forming before my eyes was a fabulous appetizer. I was glad that I took along my 20mm prime lens for the trip—it was perfect for capturing the expanse of land and the sweep of sky. Within minutes, the pink hues began to wane, but the sweet taste of nature’s “cotton candy” lingered as I readied my gear for the next course.


Steve Bennett


Steve Bennett is a lens-based visual artist, who resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He began taking photographs more than 50 years ago. Steve’s work has been shown in numerous juried exhibitions sponsored by galleries and art organizations, and it has been on display at major technology, biotech, and financial services companies. His practice includes traditional photographs (street, macro, and landscape) and abstract composites that blend images of infrastructure, technology, and natural elements into art that invites viewers to explore alternate realities. Since his early days in the darkroom, Steve has been in awe of the possibility of capturing scenes and moments that would otherwise have been lost to history.



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Fine art


Nikon D850


Nikkor 20mm/ f1.8


Steve Bennett






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