Symbolism and significance of the Lion has adorned human culture since time immemorial. From Asia to Africa to Europe - all kinds of representation of this ferocious cat has been a staple across civilizations.

In ancient India, the king's throne was known as the Simhasan (The Lion Throne) , in Indian yoga (a practice as old as civilization) - Simhagarjanasana represents the Roaring Lion Pose. Images of lions have adorned the gates of royal palaces across the world and could be seen atop pillars, etched on swords, carved on stones, served as emblems, associated with Gods, inscribed in heraldry, penned in literatures and greatest poems, stroked in most beautiful pieces of ancient art.

Popular culture today still holds its place for glorification of Lions - from art to movies, from music to tattoos - Lion represents masculinity and courage. The close association of lions with such showers of importance has a reason. Everyone knew that the lion was the king of all beasts, king of the jungle, the greatest predator, on top of the food chain with no natural enemy. If at all an enemy arose, it would often be another Lion. An equal match or nothing.

And ironically, despite all these celebrations, we have also conveniently driven them close to extinction. Today, lions are extinct in 26 African countries, have vanished from over 95 percent of their historic range and as little as 20,000 are left in the wild. To put it in context, we humans - as of today, are about 8 billion strong. The Alpha found a match in the evil of humans.

"Our imprint is now truly global. Our impact is now truly profound. Our blind assault on the planet has finally come to alter the very fundamentals of the living world. The living world is a unique and spectacular marvel yet the way we humans live on earth is sending it into a rapid and dangerous decline." - David Attenborough

‘Simba’ in Swahili translates to ‘Lion’


Subodh Shetty


A Travel photographer hailing from India and based in Dubai for the past 14 years, Subodh Shetty is a multi-disciplinary photographer. With Portraits and Street photography as the main area of focus, Subodh also associates himself with Wildlife, Astro, Drone, and Deep Space Photography. “World is my canvas and I’m nothing but a painter,” he says when asked about his multi-genre approach.

Subodh runs his travel photography company, ‘Photowalk Connect,’ in Dubai and has done over 75 Travel workshops across the globe. His works have been published in Nat Geo, Guardian, CNTraveller, Practical Photography, Nikon Asia, and more. His work has been published across 5 continents as part of the ‘Atlas of Humanity’ collective. Subodh has also done TEDx Talks in Dubai and is an affiliated photographer with Nikon.



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Subodh Shetty






Subodh Shetty






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