Motherhood, the boon of nature

Motherhood, this series is a result of almost 9 years of photography, endless efforts for one single perfect moment. This series is dedicated to Asiatic Lions which are only around 700 in the wild and seen in the wild in Sasan Gir, India.

Motherhood is a happy place for all mothers who want to give nothing but the best to their children. The pictures in this series will showcase the timeless beauty of togetherness that a child and mother share.

You will see it for yourself in these pictures where bold moms share the spotlight with their little ones, taking care of them, playing with them, guiding them, and so on because a mother's love ignites the spirit to do the impossible.

I was truly blessed to have captured these precious and beautiful moments of the little bunch of happiness with their hero moms that exhibit motherhood. A mother-child duo rocks!