Simple Elegance by Tara Workman

About this series

Sand dunes have the intriguing ability to transform their shape and color as they are exposed to the everchanging elements of Mother Nature. Each moment is fleeting, and each one captured is special because it likely will never exist again in the same form. The wind carves out its sand sculptures each day with sleek lines woven together in the most poetic way.

I have spent hours walking the dunes and I am always amazed at how each step changes the perspective of every mound and every day spent in the sand is its own unique experience.

Like most of us, the dunes have been shaped by their environment but we all have different sides and moods we show. With this collection I have chosen to highlight the dunes’ graceful curves and their softer sultry side. Each image in its abstractness has its own unique story to tell, but as a complete body, these dunes are simply ELEGANT.