About this series

The inner self is a complex and ever-changing landscape of emotions. It is a swirling vortex of feelings, both positive and negative, that can be difficult to navigate at times. Our emotions can be intense and overwhelming, leaving us feeling lost and confused. But despite the tumultuous nature of our inner selves, there is beauty to be found in the complexity of our emotions. By embracing the intensity of our feelings, we can learn to navigate the complexities of our inner selves and discover the beauty and strength that lies within.

This first installment of the Behringer//Williams collaboration, “Contemplation”, utilizes one of George’s dynamic, digitally rendered, 3D clay busts. David then contributes his unique MACRO light reflection photography to create variations on the theme. The distinctive combination of a digitally rendered subject and colorful abstract photography produces striking pieces to illustrate varying degrees of emotion.

David Behringer & George Williams


David Behringer is a self-taught, multi-genre photographer from the U.S. who has lived in Japan for the past 20 years. A growing love for street photography eventually led David to discover his unique light reflection genre within the MACRO abstract world. Using this distinctive photography, he successfully entered the NFT community with his SOLD OUT 40-piece Genesis collection, “A Dance of Light and Water”. He is firmly committed to continually learning and improving his craft by ignoring all traditional “rules” of photography.

George Williams is a professional artist from the U.K. Initially, he focused on manipulating oil paints in such a unique manner that it turned the medium, itself, into the focal point of the works. His signature depiction of landscapes and street scenes are characterized by vibrant surfaces saturated with heavily cemented paint. More recently, George has firmly established himself as an impressive 3D graphic artist and designer, experimenting with a variety of subjects and abstracts. His creative 3D renders, primarily found on the Foundation platform, have brought him much-deserved success within the NFT community.