Transit Chronicles by Tylersjourney

About this series

Transit Chronicles - is a series of 20 1/1 street-car photographs from Toronto priced at 0.3 ETH each.

An intimate look into Toronto transit and how it shapes the street scenes of the city. A mesh of old and new architecture brings a unique contrast.

Almost all my images are shot in rain or snow, I find it really brings the city atmosphere to life. Composition plays a very strong role in all of my images, I use it to create film-like scenes from movies yet to be created. I shoot my photos alone to escape my life and capture what is in my mind with no distractions. Picking up the camera feels like complete freedom to express myself.

Once this collection is sold out:

1 - All collectors will have exclusive access to my next collection.

2 - One of the collectors will receive an exclusive 1/1 airdrop!



Tylersjourney is an Award-winning photographer from Toronto, specializing in intimate night photography. Capturing the beautiful moments that surround us with his signature style.