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Through Hands of Time by Victor Cervantes

About this series

A portrait is not only in our eyes or face. Time also walks inside our bodies leaving scars behind. My father taught me about how the hands reflect life. A musician, a painter, a worker. Everyone can see how life is through the hands of time.

This Photography collection is a work of portraits of people around Cuba. I try to go inside the subject with the texture, the fingers, the hand keys, everything is part of the same history and, at the same time, is the history of each one of us. In this collection, I selected 10 photographs (1/1) to share this beautiful process of discovery.

Victor Manuel Cervantes


My name is Víctor Cervantes and I am a street photographer and audiovisual producer from Havana, Cuba. For more than 8 years, I have explored the streets of my country trying to find stories to tell through photography. I seek to connect with the subjects and themes finding the most human part of objects, people, and compositions around me.

My creative process is guided by emotion and strength, combining black and white with highly detailed images that take the viewer into the setting where I took the photo. The stories I seek are based on my own life, my dreams, and each of my photographs is a fragment of my perception of reality.