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About this series

Coastal Villages it’s an expression of the beauty and charm of small human settlements by the sea. Historically retreats for fishermen and artists in search of inspiration, these little paradises are a winning formula to take the balmy sea breeze and enjoy serene walks along the promenades.

This collection was created over the years while traveling to well known towns but also to places lost in time in search for rich history, culture and gastronomy. I was driven by the lush landscapes and captivated by the warm hospitality of the hardworking people living in these rugged regions, some dating back to the Middle Ages.

The picturesque fishermen's houses with tiled roofs linning the rocky coast and the bustling marinas offer a place to moor up or the opportunity to cast off in search of a day on the waves.

Vitor Esteves


Vitor Esteves it’s a portuguese photographer trying to balance the 9 to 5 as a doctor and his passion for aerial perspectives and fine art landscapes on the spare 5 to 9.