The Pillars of the Earth, Video HD 1'13'', Cocuzza Mountain, Cosenza, 2016

This video is one of five editions, part of an ongoing series of works in several parts of the world. The action transforms perspective: does a human being along with others follow historical cycles? Or do we support the Earth, changing the fate of history?

“The Pillars of the Earth” explores the concepts of rebirth and revolution through a reversal of our vision. The collective action can present a new view of the possibilities for human emancipation. We should aim at reversing the point of view, sharing our experiences with people from different areas of the world, creating a community in search of newly found ethics or spirituality, and reaching tops from which you may “see” better. We talk, exchange ideas, and spontaneously create a growing community of people.

I found some places especially interesting for their connection with the exploitation of human and environmental resources. This video was taken at Cocuzza Mountain in Cosenza, Italy where there is an illegal waste dump. These people support the world and become the pillars of the earth. They trigger a process of collective construction of new concepts and questions.

This action reverses your perspective: the individual contributes to shaping the world, determining whether they play an active or passive role in society. Lasting peace and the well-being of people do not only depend on the reform of society but also on the transformation of every individual’s life. The change can contribute to the destiny of a nation and the fate of humanity.



Virginia Zanetti


Artist and art professor, she lives in Florence in Italy. Degree in painting with honors at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, specializing in art education. She works both in unconventional places and Italian and foreign institutions for culture and contemporary art such as the Man of Nuoro, Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, the CAC Pecci in Prato, the Kunsthalle of Bern, the Italian Cultural Institute of New Delhi and Zurich. Her works are in public collections such as that of the MADRE Museum in Naples, the MAMBO Museum in Bologna, MAN Museum in Nuoro. She has won prizes such as the MIBACT Movin Up 2015 Award and the International Competition for artists for the creation of permanent artworks for the Law Court in Florence in 2017, the Maccaferri First Prize for photography, Artefiera 2019, Smartup Optima 2019 and Level 0 ArtVerona Digital Yellow 2020 and 2021. Her works and texts are present in publications such as A Cielo Aperto and H.U. Obrist’s book A Brief History of Curating, Postmedia books, Milan, in magazines such as Artribune, Espoarte, Exhibart, Flash Art or newspapers such as La Lettura of Corriere della Sera or Republic. Co-founder of the Estuario project space of Prato and of the Laboratory of the Future, a discussion platform where intellectuals from various cultural areas meet and debate the main themes of our time together with citizens.



Extended Editorial


Cocuzza Mountain, Cosenza, Italy


Upside Down People doing handstand


Performative, Conceptual and Relational Art


Virginia Zanetti






Extended Editorial

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