The City of Gold

Clouds in Dubai are very rare but when you see them, expect the magical sunset or sunrise. Also, most of these wonderful sunsets happen during weekdays when you are sitting in your office trying to finish the day’s tasks. In such situations as a passionate photographer, you miss many chances to capture such beautiful moments.

This evening was no different but somehow I managed to leave the office a little early, reached this location exactly when the sun was going down the horizon, and quickly set up my time-lapse. The color in the sky was so magical that I couldn't do justice with any words. This shot is a stack of 2 shots. The lights in the building were stacked from the latter shot of the time-lapse.


Waheed Akhtar


I am Waheed Akhtar, a digital director and fine art photographer from Dubai (UAE). I started doing photography in 2014. Having great eye and editing skills helped me to polish my skills in photography very quickly. In the first year of photography, I earned the Top 10 position in the Scott Kelby Global Photo Walk contest. My journey in long exposure photography started from there and I started practicing more on fine art photography. Since then, my photos won many international & local photography awards including photography magazine publications. I mostly shoot landscapes, nightscapes, cityscapes, architecture, and sometimes deep sky objects.



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Downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Time of Day



Dubai Skyline


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Extended Editorial

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