Painted By Nature #1

Painted By Nature

Painted by nature, captured by me.

This past summer, I finally bought a drone and was excited to bring it to Iceland, a land of surreal and amazing landscapes. The geothermal areas of steaming hot springs and boiling mud pools are some of my favorite places in Iceland and when I launched my drone at Hverir, I let out a little gasp when I saw what it looked like from above! It was like a dream come true - this surreal view of the landscape - especially when I pointed the camera straight down. Top-down drone photography is now a new favorite type of photography for me and I am excited to continue to experiment with this in other places. I’ve always loved seeing the world from above, but it’s unusual to be able to see the landscape directly straight down instead of from an angle in an airplane. The only other time I experienced this was when I was taking photos during an aerobatic flight in a biplane and there were moments when the plane was pointed straight down towards the Earth. The drone has now solved this “problem.”

The photos I captured from this place look like abstract paintings and I love the effect and the colors. What do you see in this image?

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Kristin Piljay


Kristin Piljay has been an internationally-published photographer for over two decades and has traveled to many places in search of knowledge, beauty, and adventure. She tends to like to wander off into the wilderness of the mountains and forest, capturing the magic in this world.

Starting out as a portrait photographer in the 1990s, she eventually became a travel photographer for Lonely Planet Images stock agency and some of her images have been published by Lonely Planet, Mountain Sobek Travel, Pearson Education, Microsoft, Condé Nast, Cengage Learning, Oprah Winfrey Network, Hearst Corporation, Aerial Dance Festival, Redbull and BBC Travel.



Extended Editorial


Hverir, Iceland


Geothermal Landscape


Aerial Drone


Kristin Piljay






Extended Editorial

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