Call of the Titans, series by Win Magsino

About this series

Mountains have always fascinated me. In my five years in landscape photography, they have always been one of my favorite subjects.

In my eye, mountain formations resemble parts of the human body. I have this story in my head where they are actually sleeping titans and I am filled with this sense of calm as I watch them sleep. The sun splashes golden light on those distant peaks and it does not bother the sleepers––the dreamers. Perhaps they are protecting us. Guiding us somehow.

I have always felt grounded and more connected to the world when I am on a mountain. I feel as though they are trying to speak to me, and to photograph them is the only way I can hold that connection and understand what they are trying to say.

“Call of the Titans” is a current collection of 16 1/1 images captured from across the world over five years.

Win Magsino


Sherwin Magsino is an award-winning landscape photographer based out of Manila, Philippines.