Isolation in New York by Ximena Echague

About this series

Living in New York at the height of the pandemic, as a street photographer in lockdown, I have tried to narrate my personal reality of fear, uncertainty, anguish and despair through self-portraits.

The new plague had confined us, allowing only for introspection, imagination, and symbolism to capture the new fuzzy reality, the invisible risk, the permanent fear. With too much time to think, anxiety ebbs and flows, the past seems blurred, the present doesn’t make sense, the future is uncertain. And yet, we try to overcome the paralysis, to reinvent ourselves.

Every morning I looked at myself, trying to connect with the intense emotions caused by the confinement and the harsh reality, recreating them photographically. Different ways to overcome my anxiety, to continue living, and, hopefully, also creating. This had been a long and constant struggle.

Possibility for the collector to make a large print. Ask me if you want me to do it for you.

Ximena Echague


Ximena is an Argentine documentary, street photographer and curator who has lived in Europe and New York for over thirty years, now based in Brussels. Her journey has influenced the way she reflects human dynamics, made of hopes fulfilled or shattered, with its drama and contradictions. The odyssey of human life.

Her work has been exhibited worldwide, published by BBC News, New York Times, Washington Post and many prestigious photography magazines. It was awarded in several international photo festivals and contests (Brussels, Paris, Miami, Italy, San Francisco, Tokyo). It is also in the collection of the Museum of the City of New York. She had a solo exhibition with her documentary project ''Odyssey, the human side of Migration" at the European Parliament in Brussels in 2018 and at the United Nations in New York in 2019, and more than 60 group exhibitions worldwide. She was Curator, Jury, Producer, and Mentor of Women Street Photographers, founded by Gulnara Samoilova based in New York, and she is Curator of Fotógrafas LATAM, Latin American Women Photographers. She is also a member of Little Box Collective.