The gaze by Yuri Santin

The photo edition represents the most suggestive part of the Venice carnival, the masks and costumes parading around its squares and narrow alleys.

Have visited the Venice carnival during the last ten editions, mainly for a photographic purpose, but also to enjoy the atmosphere, the colors, the lights.

During these years have tried to take different approaches to keep all fresh and not repetitive, exploring the feast in different ways and trying to show even the behind the scenes.

I’m still working on this last aspect, wanting to represent the artisans behind the costumes and masks, all the work needed to create these beautiful pieces.

Once the edition will be sold out, I’ll randomly pick a winner among the collectors and send a 1/1 portrait related to the Venice carnival.


Yuri Santin


Yuri Santin is an italian photographer living in the North East of Italy.

During the last ten years he has tried to carry on his passion for photography and explore its infinite possibilities, as an hobbyist he could really create only for himself, trying to blend the passion for photography with the one for the travels.

Only recently he has decided to make it a profession, but he still aims to show and represents what he sees in an unique way, creating a connection in between the photo and the observer.

He’s attracted by the cultures and the interactions in between the men and nature, how one models the other and vice versa.

He both works on commission and on personals projects related with artisanals and disappearing works, interactions of men and nature.



Extended Editorial




Carnival mask




Yuri Santin






Extended Editorial

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