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About this series

This collection was captured in 2018, I photographed it in the city of Minsk on my two film cameras. In this collection, I wanted to capture the shapes and colors that we pass by every day without noticing. I wanted to stop time in a moment, without any annotation.

Until today, almost no one has seen this collection, I kept it in order to make an exhibition. I have been looking for possible solutions for this for a long time and it seemed to me that it would be best to do this in the form of web 3.0. such a decision makes it possible to transfer my works into the hands of people who really like them, who will love them and keep them just like I do.



I was born in the city of Minsk, in a family filled with creativity. He devoted most of his life to music. I have been shooting since 2017 under the nickname sh1 (zsh01) I started to shoot people, landscapes, as a result I started shooting my city. in 2022 he was resurrected as iq___oi NFT photographer. Today I am less and less staging and more and more often I prefer to find shots.